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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are individual sites reserved?
"We have open camping at Lamphere Ranch, which means that we do not assign you to a specific camping site. You choose your own upon arrival. The exception is for RV sites that have electric and water hookups. These sites are assigned for the Rally.”

2.      A group of us are coming to Sturgis, but we are not sure how many will be able to attend or for how many nights. We want to camp together. What can we do?
"Many people have the same question, and we have a simple solution. Once you make a reservation you may add people or nights to that reservation as late as when you arrive. Since we have open camping, you may camp together or as far apart as you choose."

3.      Can we have a campfire?
"Meade County has permanently banned campfires during August. There are several reasons, including fire danger and campers’ health and safety. This area is prone to inversions and dry conditions, so with a large number of campers in the area, the smoke can become a real health hazard. You may use gas or charcoal to grill, but please don't bring firewood." 

4.      I have a pet, may I bring them?
"During the Rally pets can be a real problem. We advise that you leave pets at home for their well being and to be courteous to other campers. Small pets that always travel with you and stay in your camper usually don’t cause any problems. Those pets that are left at your camp that are tied outside may cause problems, and if they do, you will be asked to leave with no refund.  Pets are not allowed in the shower houses or restaurant."

5.      What do you consider a self-contained RV and when do we need to pay extra for it?
"If you have a vehicle that has its own toilet or shower/bath, then it’s considered an RV and an extra charge will be made. At this time bike trailers are not charged extra, but please don't take up a prime camping space with them. If you do, we may ask you to repark them or be charged. We have a designated parking area next to our unloading ramp for trailers or trucks."

6.    What will the weather be like?
"Be prepared for anything!  The High Plains of Western South Dakota have some of the most extreme and unpredictable weather in the world.  Temperatures in August can range from over 100F to near freezing.  Wind, rain, and hail are all possibilities, although we are sheltered from tornadoes in our particular area.  Generally though, expect hot, dry sunny days and cool nights.  Check the weather before you ride.”

7.  Can I set up a wading pool at my campsite?

No.  Western South Dakota is very dry, and water is at a premium.  Please do not fill a pool at your campsite.  We do have a pond, but I wouldn't go swimming in it!

8.  Are guests welcome?

Guests are welcome, but are only permitted when accompanied by a registered camper; they must leave an ID and $30 deposit at our gate, which they receive back if they leave before midnight. Guests here after midnight will be charged the overnight camping rate.

9.  What if I arrive in the middle of the night?

During the Rally, our office is open 24/7, so we will check you in upon arrival.  If it is still dark, you will be charged for a night of camping.  If it's daylight when you check in, you will only be charged for the coming night.  Sunrise in Sturgis is around 5:30am in August.